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project manager

Full Time
- Job Level : Manager
Female - 0 Years
Experience : 11 Years
Cairo -
Last job was project manager and previous was database manager

react native

Full Time
Education :faculty of science - Job Level : Junior
Male - 23 Years
Experience : 1 Years
Monufya - Sadat City
React Native , Redux, JavaScript, Html Css Git API Design

junior react native developer

Full Time
Education :faculty of science -
Male - 23 Years
Cairo -
React Native, Redux,JavaScript, Html, Css,Git,API, Design ,

real estate sales

Full Time
19/2/2022 - Office & Admin
Education :Faculty of commerce English section -
Female - 19 Years
Cairo -
Outgoing and easy to communicate with
Photoshop designer

react native

Full Time
Education :Student-
Female - 20 Years
Cairo -
React native
Java script
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