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Three Things You Should Know about a Company Before an Interview

Do you have an upcoming interview with a company that you barely know anything about? Or do you have a general background of who they are and what the

5 Types of Job Interviews and How You Should Prepare for Them

Have you ever thought about the hiring process from the second the employer calls you to schedule an interview, and until you get hired? You hear from

Why Should We Hire You?

You have probably heard this question countless times if you are in the market for a new job in the Middle East. This is not an out-of-this-world ques

How can I Know the Salary I Deserve?

Begin by reading up on Salary negotiation skills within the Articles and Guides Section and then visit Bayt.comís Salary Search tool to under

Evaluating Your Job Offer

The average tenure of a Middle Eastern professional at a job is 5.2 years, and you should know that signing a job offer letter without scrutinizing ea

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Applying to a Job with No Relevant Experience

Make your experience relevant Who said that you donít have ANY relevant experience? The work experience you have garnered over the years might not be

6 Ways to Improve My Job Search Techniques

Have an expert inspect your CV If you have been sending out your CV for some time now with no success, chances are your CV needs some degree of work.

This Is Why You're Not Getting Hired

Youíre perfect for the job, your CV matches the job description, and you have a flawless personal brand. But, you still didnít get the job. Why might

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